Laboratory Sciences Core (D)


The CFAR Laboratory Core provides access to a wide range of cutting edge immunology and virology assays at compettitive prices. Services are available to both CFAR members and the wider UM research community.

Great resource

Capturing Participant Information for Mucosal Sampling: An Investigators Guide
Published by the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise* with the support of the
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the HIV Mucosal Immunology Group. 1st edition, May 2014
Take a look at The Guide To order copies of the booklet version of The Guide, email

About the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise

The Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise (the Enterprise) is a unique collaboration of the
world’s leading HIV vaccine research funding, policymaking, advocacy and
stakeholder organizations dedicated to working together to advance HIV
vaccine research and development. Recognizing that no single institution, country or individual can develop an HIV vaccine in isolation, the Enterprise promotes
and facilitates coordination, collaboration, knowledge sharing and resource optimization. A small Secretariat supports the Enterprise, helping to catalyze the activities of this collaboration and implement programming to move its mission forward.

Microbiome Analysis
Core D can facilitate microbiome sequencing through a Core agreement with the University of Minnesota. Please contact Margie Roach (305-243-4822) for details.

The Miami CFAR is the first and only NIH-funded Center for AIDS Research in Florida.