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*Welcome to the Miami Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) at the University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine. Miami CFAR is the first NIH-funded AIDS research center in Florida, a state with the highest number of diagnosed HIV infections and second in estimated AIDS diagnoses of children greater than 13 years of age living with a diagnosis of HIV or AIDS.

We acknowledge support for the Miami Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine funded by a grant (P30AI073961) from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which is supported by the following NIH Co-Funding and Participating Institutes and Centers: NIAID, NCI, NICHD, NHLBI, NIDA, NIMH, NIA, NIDDK, NIGMS, FIC AND OAR.

What’s New!

We are now accepting applications for Miami CFAR Pilot Awards in HIV/AIDS research. Please see the attached RFA for eligibility guidelines and visit http://cfar.med.miami.edu/developmental-core/pilot-grants for complete details. A letter of intent is due April 3 and the full application is due April 24, 2015. CFAR membership is not a requirement.

The Miami CFAR is once again offering Summer Student Research Awards, available for students from the University of Miami or other universities in the United States. Students must select a UM faculty member as a mentor and submit a written application by April 10, 2015. Those selected will receive a $2,000 stipend and work for 10 weeks on a specific project related to HIV/AIDS. The students will submit written reports and give oral presentations about their experience. We encourage you to visit our website at http://cfar.med.miami.edu/developmental-core/summer-research-awards for additional details.