Developmental Core (B) : Pilot Grants

2015 Awardees

Awardees Title of Study
Jose Camargo Immune Correlates of Acute Allograft Rejection in Chronically HIV-infected Individuals Undergoing Kidney Transplantation
Katrin Hacke A Novel In-vivo Chemoselection Strategy for Anti-HIV Gene Therapy
Sandra Merscher Role of TNF Alpha and APOL1 in HIVAN
Jason Mitchell Adaptation of an Online HIV Prevention Toolkit for HIV-discordant and Cocordant HIV-positive Male Couples
Guillaume Mousseau (Scripps) Characterization of the Molecular Mechanisms of HIV-1 Transcriptional Latency Mediated by the Tat-inhibitor dCA
Andrea Raymond (FIU) Nef+ Exosomes: Neurotoxin, Biomarker and Theranostic of Neurocognitive Status in HIV Disease
Samir Sabbag HIV, Aging, Cognition and Functioning: Assessing Functional Ability and Cognition in Older HIV-positive Adults Through Technology
Natasa Strbo Gamma Delta T cells in Endocervical Brush Samples of HIV-infected and Uninfected Women: Proposing a Novel Biomarker of Mucosal Vulnerability