Developmental Core (B) : Funding Opportunities


Funding opportunities are available via the National Institutes of Health, its sub-groups, and independent agencies, throughout the year. Funding opportunity announcements (FOA) are provided by external funding agencies, depicting its own area of focus, eligibility and submission requirements. Applicants are advised to review the stipulations carefully, and follow each aspect to the letter.

A current list of NIH HIV/AIDS-specific funding announcements is available HERE

New Funding Resources:

New Scientific Working Group (SWG)

The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) is now accepting applications for new Scientific Working groups in HIV/AIDS research. A SWG is defined as a group of investigators (HIV or non-HIV) who share a common interest in a specific area of scientific focus that is critical to addressing the HIV epidemic, but is neglected or underdeveloped at the CFAR institution. The goal of a SWG is to promote multi-disciplinary collaborations that result in successful applications for new HIV/AIDS research awards. The SWGs should fall within the NIH HIV/AIDS priority areas (NOT-OD-15-137).

Please check details for new deadline extentions!

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Budget Template

NIH CFAR Supplement Announcement in HIV/AIDS – FY2018

The University of Miami CFAR program would like to announce an NIH FY18 supplement opportunity. This year there are six scientific areas of interest. As an eligible CFAR we may submit more than one application in any area BUT no more than four total applications per CFAR. Applications should be submitted through the CFAR link below. Applications will undergo an internal review process and those applications which are chosen can then be submitted to the NIH (submission instructions to NIH can be found in the application announcement). Applications will be judged on feasibility and appropriateness of budget in addition to scientific merit as described in the announcement below.

Please check details for new deadline extentions!

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NIH Application