2018 Miami CFAR HIV Symposium : Poster Session Details

Poster Session Details

Below are the details for the presentation of your poster. Please read all the information below carefully and make sure you contact your mentor to discuss the research findings that you will be presenting and to review your poster prior to submission.

Session Time and Location: The poster session is scheduled at the end of the HIV symposium. You will receive an email with the final agenda approximately two months in advance. You must attend the poster session and stand by your poster during the assigned presentation time. If you are unable to attend, please notify the CFAR and arrange for an alternate presenter. Symposium attendees and poster judges will attend the poster session and will ask questions about your research prior to choosing the awardees.

Poster Printing: The Miami CFAR will cover the cost to print your poster. Make sure to send your poster to Biomedical Communications (Peter Raposo, praposo@med.miami.edu) located at the Calder Library basement no later than two weeks in advance. Please contact Patricia Wahl (pwahl@med.miami.edu) if you have any questions. Please follow the poster formatting guidelines provided below.

Electronic Poster Submission: An electronic version of your poster must be submitted by Monday April 2nd to Patricia Wahl (pwahl@med.miami.edu. The electronic version will be available on the CFAR website after the symposium.


Poster preparation: Prepare your poster using the following HERE
Your poster must be printed on a 4X4 paper.

Support for data analysis and reporting or research results: The CFAR clinical core provides bio statistical support and we encourage that you contact us to request this service as soon as possible. Support can be requested here.

Poster Set Up and Pick up: Poster set up will be early in the morning of the symposium. Please make sure to deliver your poster to Patricia Wahl during registration. If you are not able to deliver your poster at that time, please make arrangements for someone else to do so. The poster judges will be reviewing the posters prior to the poster session. You will be responsible for picking up your poster at the end of the symposium.


Each poster must include the elements listed below:

Title: choose a title that is concise and clearly convey the subject of the abstract. You may use the title of your pilot award.

Authors: Author names, mentor and institutions if other than UM.

Background: Briefly and clearly describe the hypothesis of the study. Why was the study conducted?

Methods: Detail the experimental methods and processes employed in the study. What did you do?

Results: Describe the precise findings of the study. Describe the stage of your study and announce future plans. Describe what you found and include data. Use tables and figures. If you don’t have final results for your study, describe your preliminary data or the work that you have conducted to date.

Conclusions: Describe logically sound conclusions and reliable inferences drawn from the study results. Why are the study’s findings important? What are the next steps? If your data is preliminary, discuss possible conclusions derived from your findings and your next steps to complete the study. You can also list challenges encountered during the study.

References: List relevant references.

CFAR support and other funding: acknowledge the UM CFAR and other funders if applicable.

We look forward to your participation in the 14th Annual HIV Symposium. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

The Miami CFAR