Laboratory Sciences Core (D) : Lab Services

Lab Services

Laboratory Core services are provided to assist investigators and fulfill CFAR objectives and scientific areas of research.

Following is a list of services, currently provided:

  • Human primary cell preparation of PBMC, T cells, B cell subsets and other cell types.
  • Evaluation of cytokines and soluble mediators in plasma, serum or supernatants by Luminex Magpix, cytometric bead array and ELISA.
  • Flow cytometry assays (4-12 color staining) including intracellular staining and T and B cell phenotype and function (in collaboration with the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center Flow Cytometry Core).
  • ELISPOT assays for antigen specific T cell (IFN-γ, IL-2) nd B cell (antibody) secretion
  • TREC assays for T cell receptor excision circles
  • Dendritic cell and Natural Killer cell phenotype and function assays
  • Gut microbial translocation marker evaluation including LPS, 16s ribosomal DNA, and soluble CD14
  • Biorepository development for investigator-initiated studies. Repository management using LDMS system for liquid nitrogen/ultralow freezer storage of cells, plasma, PAXgene samples of RNA or DNA.
  • Multiplex realtime PcR for sincle cells or cell populations using the Fluidigm BioMarkHD and CI platforms.
  • Partnership with Dr. Mario Stevenson virology lab to provide elutriated human monocytes, macrophage/DC culture platforms, siRNA/shRNA services, Lentivirus vector production, viral cDNA intermediates, primary cell replication assays, Digital Droplet PcRand HIV-1 infectivity assays. The CFAR offers elutriated Monocytes and/or PBMCs at $30 per 1 million cells, plus a $25 processing fee. PBLs are available at $10 per million cells, plus a $25 processing fee. Digital PCR Sample preparation (DNA extraction) is $35 for UM users, $40 for non UM users, and ddPCR analysis is $40 for UM users, $80 for non UM users. For more information please contact Jessica Salinas
    We welcome consultation, especially prior to project development. Please contact us so that we can assist with planning and scheduling.