Developmental Core (B) : Pilot Grants

2019 Awardees

Principal Investigator Department Project Title
Taghrid Asfar Public Health Sciences “Mind2Quit” Developing A Mindfulness Smartphone App for Smoking Cessation for People Living with HIV
Julian Naipauer Microbiology & Immunology Studying the contribution of HIV infection to Kaposi’s sarcoma in a novel mesenchymal stem cell model of KSHV sarcomagenesis
Claudia Martinez Cardiovascular Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Transgender Women Living with HIV
Suresh Pallikkuth Microbiology & Immunology Epigenetic regulation of peripheral T follicular helper cells in HIV and Aging
Sannisha Dale Psychology Writing to Alleviate Violence Exposure for Transgender Women Living with HIV (WAVE-TW)
Jose Martinez-Navio Anatomic Pathology Induction of immunological tolerance to AAV-delivered antibodies
James Termini Pathology Inducing Oral Tolerance to AAV-Delivered Monoclonal Antibodies by Pretreatment with Designer Probiotics Expressing Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies and Anti-Inflammatory Cytokines.
Ana Leda Pediatrics – Infectious Diseases The impact of antiretroviral drug metabolism by the gut microbiota on HIV reservoir size.
Sebastian Fuchs Pathology Strategies for reducing immune responses towards AAV-antibody delivery.
Lesley de Armas Microbiology & Immunology Effect of JAK Inhibitors on HIV Latency Establishment and Maintenance
Stefano Rinaldi Microbiology & Immunology HIV perinatal infection and B cell ontogeny: a path to broad neutralizing antibody