Developmental Core (B) : Pilot Grants

2013 Awardees

CFAR Pilot Grants

Awardees Title of Study
Elisa Nemes / Mark Cameron Host Correlates of Risk of BCG Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome in HIV+ Infants Starting Antiretroviral Therapy
Emmanuel Thomas Identification of HIV/HCV Coinfected Patients in South Florida for the prevention
Michael Kolber / Moira Vignoles Establishment of a Practical HIV Reservoir Assay
Andrew Wawryzniak The Impact of Patient’s Health Literacy and Perception of Physician-Patient Dynamics on Retention and HIV Viral Suppression in HIV+ Patients Attending an Inner-City Hospital Clinic
Delia Rivera-Hernandez / Charles Mitchell / Savita Pahwa / Suresh Pallikkuth Identification of HIV-1 Infected but Seronegative Infants, Children and Youth
Maria Alcaide Vaginal Practices in women with HIV or at Risk for HIV Infection
Deanna Kulpa A Deep Sequencing Approach to the Identification of Pathways Required for HIV Reactivation from Latency

Harrington Pilot Grants

Awardees Title of Study
Charles Mitchell / Charles Wood / Peter Angeletti The Influence of HIV on Placental HPV Infection
Nahida Chakhtoura / Erin Kobetz / Vince DeGennaro, Jr HPV-subtype and Distribution in HIV-positive Women Post Abaltive Treatment in Haiti
Geoffrey Stone / Sachin Gupta / Enrique Mesri Role of Inflammatory Infiltrate in KSHV Oncogenesis of Karposi’s Sarcoma
Daria Salyakina Computational Analysis of Virus-Host Interaction in Mouse Models of AIDS Associated Kaposi’s Sarcoma
Isabella Rosa-Cunha / Suresh Pallikkuth / Monica Garcia-Buitrago A Study of Anal HPV Infection and Dysplasia in HIV-Infected Hispanic Men who Have Sex with Men (MSM)
Daniel Sussman / Pansy Ferron / Suresh Pallikkuth Inflammatory Pathways and Increase in Colonic Neoplasia in HIV/AIDS