Developmental Core (B) : Pilot Grants

2010 Awardees

Developmental Pilot Grants

Awardee Department Title of Study
Charles D. Mitchell Pediatrics Microbial Translocation Among HIV Infected Women
Joseph P. De Santis Nursing & Health Studies The influence of Hispanic cultural factors on the sexual behaviors of Hispanic Men who have Sex with Men
Maria L Alcaide M.D. & Anita Parmigiani PhD. Medicine HIV, Menopause and Inflammaging
Ram H. Datar Pathology Development of a Nanosensor Array Platform for HIV-1 diagnosis
Varan Govind Radiology Whole-brain Proton MRI, Spectroscopy, and Neuropsychological outcomes in adults Perinatally-infected with HIV

Developmental NCI Awardees

Awardee Department Title of Study
Samita Andreansky Pediatrics Murine Gammaherpesvirus (MHV68)-Based Infectious Animal Models of KSHV G Protein Coupled Receptor
Glen Barber Medicine Evaluation of STING Signaling in AIDS-associated Malignant Disease
Luis Espinoza Medicine Recovery of latent reservoirs after treatment for lymphoma in HIV infected patients: A Pilot Study
Juan Carlos Ramos and Izidore Lossos Medicine Targeting of Gamma-herpes Virus Latency in Primary Effusion Lymphoma