Developmental Core (B) : Pilot Grants

2009 Awardees

Developmental Pilot Grants: Round One

Awardee Department Title of Study
Jose Castro Infectious Diseases Attitudes towards circumcision among Hispanics: Avenues for HIV prevention
Richard DeFazio Neurology Disruption of hippocampal interneuron networks by HIV tat protein
Susanne Doblecki-Lewis Medicine The impact of HIV on immune control of tuberculosis infection
Edward Horwath Psychiatry Characterizing PTSD in HIV: A neuropsychiatric investigation
Michael Kolber Medicine Evaluation of genetic polymorphisms that could impact on GI mucosal integrity in SIV infected macaques: a pilot study
Mathias Lichtenheld Microbiology and Immunology Rediscovered transciption factors can be pharmacologically exploited to purge the HIV reservoir
Enrique Mesri Microbiology and Immunology Molecular Epidemiology of AIDS-associated Kaposi’s Sarcoma
Walter Scott Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Use of an aptamar affinity tag to study the role of the plus-strand DNA flap in HIV infection
Hoshang Unwalla Microbiology and Immunology Targeted delivery of dual function therapeutics for HIV therapy using mesenchymal stem cells

Developmental Pilot Grants: Round Two

Awardee Department Title of Study
Veronica Accornero Pediatrics Male-Female Differences in the Association of Drug Involvement, Risky Sexual Behavior, and STI/HIV Infection in Late Adolescence: Role of Executive Functions and Decision Making
Helena Schmidtmayerova Microbiology and Immunology Evaluating the role of antigen presenting cells in CD4+T cell depletion during HIV-1 infection
Olga Villar-Loubet Psychiatry Sub-Cultural Differences in Attitudes Towards STD/HIV Risk Among Hispanics in the US
Samita Andreansky & Ivan Gonzalez Pediatrics Immunogenecity of Inactivated Swine H1N1 Vaccine in HIV Infected Children-The Miami Cohort Study
Hector Bolivar &William Scott & Derek Dykxhoorn Medicine, Gentetics Identification of Genetic Variations Associated with Viral Set Point Control in Long-term Non-Progressors