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Membership Information

Membership Categories

CFAR currently has 3 categories of Membership:

  1. Full Member: This level of membership is open to UM faculty interested in HIV/AIDS.
  2. Associate Member: This level of membership is open to all UM non-faculty personnel (fellows, students, research staff) that are interested in HIV/AIDS.
  3. Affiliated Member: This level of membership is open to faculty and researchers at other institutions and community members who are interested in HIV/AIDS.

Member Benefits

  1. Access to all Core Resources (assistance with recruitment, laboratory services, biostatistical support and other facilities/services)
  2. Consideration for CFAR Developmental Awards
  3. Participation in the CFAR Mentoring Program
  4. Notification of upcoming events, seminars, symposia, and funding opportunities including CFAR-specific Administrative Supplements
  5. Participation in the Scientific Areas of Research (SAR) Groups

Member Responsibilities:

  1. Regular attendance at CFAR Sponsored Seminars and Symposia (at least 75%)
  2. Complete needs assessment surveys regarding core usage when requested by the CFAR Cores
  3. Use of the CFAR logo when presenting CFAR sponsored/supported research (internally and externally)
  4. Acknowledgement of the Miami CFAR in publications, presentations, etc. supported by CFAR services/resources